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Imagine sitting down to write your report cards and not staring at a blank page. Instead, you have a collection of teacher-tested comments ready to just copy and paste. Sound good?

Does this sound like you?

⏱️ “Writing report cards takes me FOREVER!

You want to write meaningful comments that will give students and parents real feedback on their growth.

🔎 “I struggle to find the right words.

But you’d rather do anything other than actually write report cards.

✏️ “I have to make so many corrections.”

You’re spending your evenings and weekends working when you should be spending time with your family and friends. Or reading a good book under a cozy blanket. Or napping. (No judgement here)

💡 “I need fresh ideas!

You want to find a better way…

With fully editable comment banks, you won’t need to start from scratch. Copy and paste into your reporting program or customize as needed to describe your students perfectly.

Save your time without compromising on quality!

With over 3,000 five-star reviews on TPT, you know you’re getting teacher-tested, high-quality comments. (Absolutely no AI-generated content!)

– Grade 6 report card bundle review

– Grade 5 report card bundle review

Our report card comment banks can help you…

save hours trying to create comments from scratch

with comments for all subjects and strands, including Learning Skills

feel confident you are sending home well-written, meaningful report cards

with teacher-tested comments that admin and parents love

align your teaching with the curriculum expectations

with comments that are written specifically for Ontario and BC curriculums

find the right words to describe your students’ growth and next steps

with plenty of options to find exactly what you want to say!

You’ll Get…

✔️ Updated comments for the new curriculums,

✔️ Comments for every subject in a Google Doc,

✔️ Enough comments for the entire year,

✔️ Fully editable so you can customize for specific students or your school requirements,

✔️ Name/gender tokens already included in PowerSchool, Maplewood, eTeacher and Aspen versions so you can simply copy and paste directly into your reports (+ a generic version for all other users).

Easy as…


Instantly download the PDF,


choose the comment that best fits!

Full Grade Report Card Comment Banks

All prices on our website are in Canadian Dollars. If you would like to purchase in USD, you can head to our TPT shop here.

– Grade 2 report card bundle review

Split Grade Bundles

– Grade 6/7 report card bundle review

Individual Subject Comment Banks

Are you a specialist teacher or cover planning time and don’t need the whole grade? We’ve got you, too!

You can also find individual subjects, grades or subject bundles in our TPT store! Why pay for what you don’t need?!

– Grade 6/7 report card bundle review

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