7 Inexpensive Gifts for Students from Teachers (that aren’t junk)!

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If you’re anything like me, you realize at the last minute that a holiday, or the end of the year, is fast approaching and you still need to get your gifts for students. With Valentines Day just around the corner, this list of inexpensive gifts for students from teachers should help you quickly find something without breaking the bank.

However, these student gift ideas are not specific to any one holiday. That means they can be given year-round for any occasion and are perfect for the inclusive classroom filled with various cultures and beliefs. As a bonus, none of these are cheap, plastic crap that will end up in the garbage or driving you crazy within hours!

Colouring Bookmarks

I love it when gifts for elementary students are also educational or designed to foster a love of learning. These colouring bookmarks will not only keep your class busy for a while, they just might encourage them to read!

Journals with Positive Messages

Another wonderful idea for cheap student gifts for any age is this pack of journals. Each contains a positive message on the cover and can then be used to write jot notes, thoughts, ideas or whatever students desire. You could even pair it with a cheap pen or pencil from the dollar store.

Mini Puzzle Cubes

Do your students enjoy mathematics? Are they interested in puzzles or problem-solving? This pack of mini Rubik’s cubes are perfect. Again, combining fun with exercising their brains. You could even turn it into a classroom challenge!

Fidget Popper Bracelets

These are fun gifts for elementary students as they combine two of their favourite things at the moment – fidget poppers and bracelets. This one is admittedly the least ‘adult-friendly’ option on the list (what teacher isn’t annoyed by those poppers?) but I couldn’t resist. You know your students will go crazy for these!

Positive Message Postcards

If you are looking to create less waste, not add more ‘junk’ to your students’ desks or have older students, these positive notes may be the best student gift idea for you. Whether you choose to give them on a certain day or randomly throughout the year, they are sure to put a smile on our students’ faces. For bonus points, pop them in the mail.

Flexible Pencils

Who remembers and loved these as a kid? I know my students are always losing their pencils so these bendy ones would do double duty as inexpensive gifts for students.

Canvas Pencil Case

Are you tired of finding pens and pencils on the floor? Solve that problem AND give your students a cute and useful gift with these highly-rated canvas pouches. If you happen to own a Cricut machine you could easily personalize these with student names, a positive message or a fun image.

Alternatively, purchase some fabric markers and have students decorate their new pencil case for themselves! Maybe you could even get a Visual Arts grade out of it too!

Hopefully, this post has given you a few new unique ideas for some great, inexpensive gifts for students from teachers.

What ideas should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Help a teacher out, share the love!

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