What does “Past the Potholes” mean?

We love teaching and we know you do too because you’re here! But we all know how exhausting it can be. We’ve spent far too many evenings and weekends planning, grading, or writing report cards and I’m guessing you have too!

Potholes – you know, those bumps in the road that make reaching your destination a challenge – are littered throughout this profession. Heavy curriculum load. Not enough resources. No teaching materials. Lack of support. Limited training. Large class sizes. Increasing student needs…

With strategies and resources to get past those bumps, you will be able to save time, reduce stress and love your job again!

Who we are

We’re Terry and Claire, two Canadian teachers who have spent over 20 years each teaching mostly in Ontario, but also in Mexico and Trinidad.

What we do

Most of our careers have been spent in Junior grades (upper elementary) and Intermediate grades (middle school). But Claire has been as low as Kindergarten and Terry has also taught High School.

Why it matters

Our mission is to save you time and reduce your workload! After years of being ‘teacher tired’, we’ve found systems and strategies to find the joy again.

We’re here to share tips and resources to save you from the same fate!

You’re in the right place if you…


believe in student-centered lessons that reach all learners


want your lessons to be engaging and rigorous


believe education should go beyond memorization and worksheets


want to be the best teacher without sacrificing your personal life (or sanity)!

Man and woman in front of the The Bean in Chicago with skyscrapers in the background.
Combining two of our favourite things: travelling to Chicago for a teacher conference

A little more about us…

This all began with me, Claire. Between my slight obsession with fonts, clipart and design, and a lack of quality resources, I started creating what my coworkers and I needed. After years of being told to do so, I finally started a TPT store to share my resources.

Having wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, I finally made it – waaaaay back in 2002! Only to feel more than a little lost. Teachers’ College didn’t leave me feeling prepared. My first classroom was void of any materials. I was armed with a curriculum sorely lacking any direction in the ‘how’.

I remember that feeling too well and want to help other teachers. Whether you are a new teacher, new to the grade or subject, or just plain busy, I hope you find some useful strategies and resources here.

Terry came on board officially (he had been an unofficial sounding board for years), in 2017. We had just finished a year of teaching in Trinidad and, while we didn’t want to stay, knew we weren’t ready to return to Canada.

We decided to travel full-time for two years while working on our TPT store! Now back in Ontario, our goal to create and share engaging, rigorous learning materials lives on.

We know you’re an amazing teacher and want to do your very best for your kids. But we don’t believe it should be at the expense of your personal life.

Our goal is to help with materials for the core areas of education, leaving the fun stuff for you!

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“This resource is amazing. It has been a huge time-saver and lifeline for me as a teacher and it is engaging for the students. I find it very comprehensive and that I get a lot of assessment data from following it. I’ve also appreciated the ability to modify documents as needed for my IEP students. This is seriously a lifesaver!!!”

– Full Year of Grade 6 Math customer review

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